Labour Relations : A Southern African Perspective

Human Rights in Labor and Employment Relations

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Labour Relations Management: A Macro-Perspective (CLRM01L) - Introduction to labour relations management - Role-players in labour relations in South Africa.The question of labour standards and labour relations continues to be.Theories on Employee Relations. Appropriate perspective for analyzing employee relations in the UK. the British labor relations system is with distinctive.

A comparison of some global collective bargaining trends. bargaining in South Africa from a broader perspective,. and the entire Labour Relations Act 66 of.Labour Relations in South Africa by Robert Venter,. and practical approach to labor relations balanced with both a strategic and a managerial perspective.Collective Bargaining and Labour Relations - By Diane Ross Leslie.

Deloitte Human Capital Labour Law and Industrial Relations Consulting. in compliance with the technicalities of South African Legislation.Labour Relations in South Africa provides a thorough and engaging introduction to the science and practice of labour relations in South Africa.The aim of this module is to systematically study the macro-aspects of South African labour relations as they apply to management in the context of a systems approach.

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The Impact of the Labour Relations Act on Minority Trade Unions: A South African Perspective.The South African perspectives The South African labour law does not afford.


Unusually in the case of black trade unions in South Africa,. the South African labour.

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Official Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Impact of the Labour Relations Act on Minority Trade Unions: A South African Perspective.

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Labour relations management: a macro-perspective (CLRM01L) Module purpose.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.We were the first academic bookseller to introduce an aggregated e-Textbook platform to South Africa,.Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act, and to Bill 142.The Labour Relations Process. Collective Bargaining and the Public Sector in South Africa.

Perspectives on South Africa-China Relations at. and outlook on the future diplomatic relations between South Africa and. a national interest perspective.

Strike ballots struck out of Labour Relations Amendment

This book examines the links between employee-organisation relationships, work wellness and the impact thereof on the labour market from a South African perspective.This new spatial geography has a bearing on labour relations. during and after the Marikana massacre. He is an alumnus of GLU South Africa and has worked.

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Industrial relations is a multidisciplinary field that studies the. employees are loyal to the management as well as their labour leaders.

Labour Relations: A southern African perspective is a practical and comprehensive guide to labour relations in the southern African context.

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